Our Company

When we started our careers in advertising and web design, we were fascinated by the possibilities. Along the way we learned a lot and implemented even more.
With a passion to go above and beyond for our clients, we created ADVERTISING DIVI GROUP, SOCIETATEA CU RASPUNDERE LIMITATA as a place where we grow and improve every moment.
We help brands create experiences that last a lifetime. 

Our process

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Onboarding & Strategy Creation

Meet with you to learn more about your company and your highest value targets.


Research and Build Out Audience Segments

Define precise target audience segments and identify key decision makers.


Design Sales Collateral for Each Market Segment

Create tailored sales and marketing collateral (e.g. one pagers and catalogs) for each target audience. Linked in every email we deliver.


Launch and Scale

Deliver personalized email pitches and sales collateral to over 5,000 contacts each month.

Our Social Media Program Includes:

Consistency and content are key with social media, and we’d love to guide you to establishing a vast online presence

- Social audit and assessment of the best social channels for your brand
- Advertising account build
- Campaign, Category, and Ad development
- Pixel tracking and detailed instructions for placement
- Custom audience targeting
- Promotions, contests, offer development
- Daily campaign optimization
- Monthly measurement & reporting

Our paid social campaigns are developed with SEO, pay-per-click, display and local programs in mind so our clients can find users throughout the funnel.
Done correctly, paid social is your business’s best way to attain a new audience through a new avenue. Getting users to take action through a social ad makes them interact with your website and brand. This can generate new business inquiries and signals of intent, like viewing content on your site, and even lead to online transactions.
Suppose a user is satisfied with that interaction. In that case, they tend to go back to that original channel to talk about their experience leading to positive feedback, reviews, word of mouth advertising – ultimately leading to more revenue for your business.